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Hi, I'm Carolee!  Thanks for visiting my website. 

Know that I'm here to walk you through every step of the homebuying process. 


Just to tell you a little something about myself before you put your trust in me to help you with one of the biggest purchases of your life.  I'm a Detroit born gal with strong Texas roots!  I still cheer for the Lions and the Texans, the Tigers and the Astros too!  Never got into hockey, but I moved to Texas when I was pretty young.  Still enjoy going to visit family and to catch some games, but would never move back.  I'm too cold natured and I don't have to shovel the humidity in Texas!  I'll take five months of summer over seven months of frigid temps anytime.  I'm an Oak Ridge High School grad, but I'd prefer not to disclose the year!  I've attended most Texas colleges, but I cheer hardest for the Horns even though the piece of paper on the wall says my loyalty belongs in Huntsville.  It makes college football season so much fun when I can wear various shades of orange, red and purple too!  Most of my friends are Aggies though somehow.  Still trying to figure out how that happened.  Being a Motor City girl, I’m also a car lover! 

After graduating finally with a Criminal Justice degree and the intent to go DEA, the mortgage business kind of fell into my lap.  While still bartending after school, applying for my law enforcement job and buying my first house, I was offered a job as an assistant in the mortgage business.  I initially declined, because I didn't know anything about finance.  I was a CJ girl after all.  After almost three months of sitting across from my new boss' desk taking notes, I decided it was time to get my license.  He wasn't much of a teacher, but just listening to him on the phone, managing his pipeline and making our processor my new best friend, I learned the business very quickly.  He handed me two of his biggest builder accounts and I've been in the business ever since. 

I did take a few years off to move to Bogotá, Colombia to support my now ex's law enforcement career.  It was an amazing opportunity where I got to volunteer with the Colombian National Police rescuing abused horses that were used to gather recycling materials in the mountains of the city.  I ended up adopting three of them while I was there.  I also volunteered and walked dogs at the only animal shelter in a city of 8 million people, and went once a week to feed babies and play with toddlers at a local orphanage.  Coaching Crossfit was fun too!  My Spanish wasn't great so I was happy that most of the members were bi-lingual college students.  Nothing like trying to Spanglish your way through body parts at a gym!  The ex ended up liking Colombia more than he did me. ;)  He kept surprising me with extensions, so I decided it was time to come home to my family, friends and to a career that I love so much!   

I kept up with the mortgage trends and changes in the laws while I was away, and stayed in touch with some of my favorite clients and referral partners.  I’ve been back now for over two years and was excited to join Hancock Mortgage Partners in 2015.  We truly are family here!  I’ll be entering my 15th year in the mortgage industry this year, so I promise that I’ve seen it all!  I’m here to be a resource, so if you have a question ask it please! 

I am dedicated to providing you the highest level of service and care. With many loan programs available, I will find the best one for you.  Let me help take the hassle out of your mortgage needs.  Just know I must ask you for everything just short of a blood sample though! ;)  That's the case no matter who you chose as a loan officer by the way.  We all have the same guidelines and list of documents needed unfortunately.  I just make it less miserable!  I really enjoy getting to know my buyers and remaining friends with them long after they are in their dream homes.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you! 


Call, Text or email me with questions at 713-545-9022

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