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6 Tips To Help Save Money at Home

Posted by:  Hancock Mortgage Partners, LLC
2014-09-22 11:22:58

A house is probably the biggest investment most people will ever make. And equally, the money spent in day-to-day living in a house probably adds up to be some of the greatest expenses for most people. Here are some tips for reducing the expenses of having a home:

Replace old appliances with new ones. New appliances require an immediate outlay of cash but the reduction in utility cost may astound you. Look for appliances that rate the government’s Energy Star label at www.energystar.gov. Saving energy is saving money. Any appliance 15-20 years old should be replaced.

Insulate your home. Insulation material isn’t particularly expensive but paying someone to put it in your home can be. So learn how to insulate your home yourself and you’ll see a reduction in heating and air-conditioning costs for as long as you own the home.

Learn to do it yourself. The homeowner, with a minimum of risk, can do many home projects. There are lots of do-it-yourself annuals, online videos, and assistance from home improvement retailers.

Review homeowners insurance. A periodic review of your homeowners insurance may save money also. One way is to increase the deductible. If additional computers, big screen televisions, etc. have been purchased, a review provides an opportunity to include them. If stolen or damaged, having these items listed on your homeowner’s insurance policy will save money if there is any need for replacing.

Order wholesale or manufacturer direct. Anything from furniture to wallpaper, paint, decorations, carpet, etc. can be ordered online, via telephone, or mail.

Yard care. Plant shade trees where they will protect your home from hot summer sun and winter winds. Buy flower bulbs in bulk by mail. And if you shop early, most mail order bulb sellers will give you an additional price break. Plant shade trees where they will protect your home from hot summer sun and winter winds. Improving the curb appeal of your home will also have benefits when it’s time to sell.


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